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Friday, July 25, 2014
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UpperRoom Daily Devotional
Choosing the Best
Thought for the Day
Chart how you've spent your time in the last week. What priorities does your chart reveal?
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                  Learning Together
     How God's Story Fits Into Our Lives

                                           The Story

The Upper Story in the Bible is God seeking to be in relationship with 
Creation. God has a presence - a power and a plan. But the Lower Story
of how humanity interacts within God's world complicates God's plan. 
God gives the gift of life, leadership and mercy and humanity chooses not 
to focus on God's plan but on selfish desires and easier pathways. The Bible 
is a record of the Upper and Lower stories as they unfold through time.  
As a church community we are looking at OUR STORY in The Story. Each week
we have been focusing on another portion of the events of Bible History:
looking at the Upper and Lower stories as they played out and then seeing 
where these ancient texts apply to our story today.  This week we will be 
reading Chapter 16  "The Beginning of the End"(for the norther kingdom of 
Israel). This covers pages 219-230 (The Story:The Bile as one continueous
story of God and His People compiled by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee) lifting up
Scriptures from 2 Kings 17-19 and Isaiah 3;6;13;14;49;53. Join us in 
worship Sunday mornings  as we continue to share our faith stories.
If you would like to be part of the online discussion and teaching click here
or join us Tuesday evenings for a DVD discussion on the week's lesson.